Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

Nowadays, many people have adopted the use of solar panels for their residential or commercial properties. They are popular because they help reduce utility bills and are also friendly to the environment. But one concern that most people have is whether the solar panels can damage their roof. Most of the panels are installed by drilling bolts through the roof, leading to holes that can cause leakage. People might feel reserved to install rooftop panels if they can compromise the quality and functionality of their roof. Here are details you need to consider to determine if solar panels can cause damage to your roof.

Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels are installed by being mounted on specialised hardware usually attached to the roof using lag bolts. The equipment is thick and robust, making it withstand massive impact and winds. Your solar panel installer will drill holes on your roof to install the bolts which secure the mounting hardware. Drilling a hole on your roof is not the best option, but it is not that bad. A reliable solar installation company has experts with the right training on how to evaluate your roof to determine if it is safe for solar panel installation. If your roof is not in good shape, they will advise you to do roof replacement.

Avoid Inexperienced Companies

Many companies will not offer you high-quality solar panel installation. Such companies will do shoddy work by installing the solar panels haphazardly. Make sure you work with a company ( that will seal your roof to prevent any form of leakage when rain falls. They should also fasten the hardware to your roof making it able to withstand substantial impact such as wind.

Check Roof Quality

Before you perform solar installation, check your roof to ensure it is in good shape. If your roof is not in perfect condition, replace it because installing solar panels on it would be too risky. Opt to hire a roofer for inspection. If your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, do not take any chances. Early roof replacement before solar installation reduces the cost of installing panels. An excellent solar installation company will consider all the necessary factors and advice you accordingly to ensure the health of your roof.